On Reluctant Acquaintances

I know you, yet I don't!
We meet now and then
With friends, at cafes, or on the street
Even in the building where books stay to rest.

We have smiled at each other once
and then looked away.
Been lost in conversations that were to be forgotten.
Said heartless goodbyes only to meet again!

With every new introduction,
We make fresh aquaintance
Before we revert to something else.
Almost like a mark of respect
For the unwillingness to be friends.

I know you, yet I don't.
And I am glad we both keep up the game
Of being awkward acquaintances that get lost and confused by civilised communication.

- The Pen Dusts Itself.


  1. Wow Chinnu ...that was a good one. Its very relatable. Looking forward to reading more of your thoughts. Keep at it. :)

    1. Five months too late! But better late than never!
      Thanks a ton, for your kind words and your time :)


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